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Advanced Educational Programs

Grades 7-8th students have an opportunity to participate in an Advanced Honors program.  It is based on four criteria:  achievement test scores, report card grades, teacher recommendation, and parent approval.  Students in Advanced Honors will have completed 9th grade coursework in three subject areas:  Mathematics, Science, and Literature.  Advanced Honors grades will be weighted an extra five percentage points on the report card.  An overall Baverage must be maintained to stay in the Advanced Honors program. 


Horizons – The Horizons program is designed for students in grades 1-6th who show academic giftedness. Students must meet certain academic parameters to be accepted into the Horizons program. The curriculum is developed to challenge the interests and strengths of the students by incorporating Bloom’s Taxonomy and Garner’s Multiple Intelligences. In Horizons, students will: Use problem solving activities that utilize higher order thinking skills of analysis, synthesis, and evaluation; Exhibit verbal and non-verbal communication skills; Organize facts to develop an informative, creative product; Identify problems and use organized approaches to solve them; Develop a leadership role through writing and speaking opportunities; Improve the ability to be a risk taker without the fear of failure; Develop positive interpersonal skills in group situations; and Strive for originality in an area of talent that will further develop creative thinking skills.