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Field Trips & Class Trips

Classes are taken off-campus to places of interest that relate to their class work. All children are expected to take part in these trips. A permission slip containing the details of any trip is sent home for parents to read and sign. 


Individual automobiles may be used to transport students on school-related activities at the owners risk.  In such cases the following is understood and practiced:

  1. Christ the King expects that no more passengers will be carried in the vehicle than the number of available working seat belts.
  2. All passengers should have their own seat belt and booster seat (if necessary) and use it while the vehicle is being operated.
  3. The driver of the vehicle must have auto insurance for their vehicle.  A copy of a valid drivers license and proof of insurance must be on file in the CTK school office.
  4. Christ the King does not insure the non-school owned vehicles.  (In other words, should an accident occur, the drivers insurance would be used to cover any loss.)
  5. Christ the King Lutheran School does have insurance to protect the school against lawsuits brought against it should an accident occur and the school is found negligent.
  6. Younger siblings are discouraged from attending field trip events.
  7. Drivers are strongly discouraged from stopping during field trip events for treats or drinks for the students.


6th Grade Outdoor Education:  Part of the sixth grade curriculum experience is a two-day Outdoor Education experience in October at the 4H Center in Ferndale, Arkansas.  All students are expected to attend Outdoor Education.  The cost of the trip is approximately $140.00 and includes all food, lodging, transportation, and camp instructors.  The payment may be divided in half over the months of September and October.  A parent meeting is held in September.  Families needing financial assistance should contact the principal.


Nashville or Washington D. C. :  In April, 7th and 8th graders alternate years and travel to Nashville, TN or Washington D.C. as a part of their Tennessee History and U.S. History curriculum experience. All students are expected to attend. The Nashville trip is three-days and two-nights and costs around $400.00.  The Washington D.C. trip is four-days, traveling by air.  The approximate cost is $1200.00.  The Friday hot dog lunches and other fund raising activities bring the cost of the trips down to a more reasonable amount - approximately $200.00 for Nashville and $750.00 for Washington D.C.