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CTK Stories » Lauren


Meet Lauren - 7th Grade
What’s your favorite part about CTK?
The people of course!

What do you love about CTK?
The people and that it is a small Christian school.


In what ways has CTK helped you grown more in your walk with God?
Mr. Schroeder is such a good theology teacher. He is open to his faith and he knows a lot about our Savior, Jesus Christ.


How has CTK helped you get ready for future plans or college?
They have helped me in ways to defend my faith and to try to convince other non-believers to be Christians.


Have any teachers inspired you? How?
Mrs. Shepard has inspired me to always do my best. She is one of the strongest women that I know, besides Mrs. Martin. She is such a strong person. Her mother has been diagnosed with cancer and she is still happy and she doesn't let anything get her down. She has a sign in her classroom that says "All I need today is a little bit of coffee and a whole lot of Jesus." I love them both A LOT, and Mr. Schroeder.


What is your favorite part about the CTK community?
At Christ the King everyone is like brother and sister. I love all of my fellow classmates, they help me be a stronger person.