Alumni Spotlight

Christ the King Lutheran School relies on the support of the entire CTK community to maintain a prestigious and valuable learning experience for its students. Parents play a crucial role in helping the school maintain its core values of inspiring students to be Christian leaders. One such parent who kindly shared their experience with us is Ryan Rogalski.


Ryan attended Christ the King Lutheran School from 5th to 8th grade. Recalling his time as a student, Ryan explained that, all the faculty he had were not only great teachers but great role models.


Ryan is both a distinguished Christ the King Lutheran School Alum and, along with his wife Ivie, a proud parent of two current CTK students, Sadie and Wyatt. Sadie is a 6th grader who spends her afternoons at cheer practice and Wyatt, a 2nd grader, is following in his father’s footsteps as a multi-sport athlete.


With the perspective of a former student and current parent, Ryan feels that the school continues to do a great job attracting amazing teachers. “You wouldn’t take your kids somewhere that you had a bad experience,” Ryan explains, “In that way, enrolling my kids was the ultimate endorsement of the quality of the education.” Ryan thanks Christ the King Lutheran School for being an integral part of Sadie and Wyatt’s love for learning.


Ryan confesses that it is “hard to quantify” that special quality that Christ the King possesses. He notes that the quality and diversity of the families at Christ the King Lutheran School are second to none. Ryan confesses he would be happy to let any of the people from Christ the King into his home, it makes school seem like a “family affair.”