Kara’s family has strong Lutheran roots. Her father is a Lutheran pastor. She attended a Lutheran school from grades 1-9 at which time her father’s work brought her to Memphis from Houston, Texas. She completed high school at Collierville High School. After high school, Kara attended Concordia University where she majored in English. For CTK, Kara teaches Grammar, Literature, and Religion in the Middle School. She also coaches 4th-6th grade girls basketball, helps assemble the yearbook, and creates newsletters for the school.  

This is Kara’s first year working at CTK Lutheran School. She said she was drawn to CTK because she loved the family feel and the strong sense of community. 

When asked why she became a teacher, Kara explained that she loves helping people. She loves getting her students to that “lightbulb moment”. Kara has known that she was going to teach ever since 2nd grade! She said that she was inspired by her 2nd grade teacher who brought the same kind of passion and enthusiasm for her student’s learning that she teaches with now. She keeps her students engaged by surprising them with hands on activities and pushes her students by letting them try things for themselves. Kara wants CTK to know that she is “committed to being a lifelong learner” and wants to lead her students by example. 

On behalf of the CTK Lutheran School family, thank you Kara Harbin! 

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