What Does Holy Week Mean to Me? by Bret Schroeder

He left His Father’s side in paradise to come join us in our broken and vulgar world. He covered up his divine nature with the burdens and daily stresses of a sinner. All this He did with the knowledge that it would be a 30+ year job. Giving up His spirit on the cross would finally be the end of it.

But Holy week also brings such clarity.  The disciples had been confused for so long. Jesus had told them several different times and different ways that he would lay down his life, be handed over to the enemy, be crucified to save mankind. They either couldn’t understand or refused accept that reality. They were expecting an unstoppable political leader that would restore earthly power to the Israelites in Jerusalem. The crucifixion and resurrection show us that Jesus’ mission is eternal, not temporal. And Easter Sunday makes it crystal clear that Jesus can be taken at His word. His word is truth.

To me, Holy week is the ultimate paradox. It begins with such joy on Palm Sunday. The scene of Jesus entering Jerusalem described in Matthew and John sounds so happy and secure, unfolding exactly as Jesus told the disciples it would happen. It almost feels like a victory lap. Contrast that emotion with the fear that settles in on Friday when the disciples see their Messiah executed and know they are now fugitives themselves. Imagine the fear Jesus must have felt as he faced crucifixion utterly alone, separated even from his Father in Heaven. And of course, all that fear and sadness is transformed into pure jubilee as the tomb is found empty on Sunday morning. A celebration of the greatest victory that has ever been won. What a roller coaster!