What Does Holy Week Mean to Me? by Chris Miller

From Palm Sunday and receiving palm leaves at church, to Maundy Thursday where Jesus lowers himself to wash the disciples feet, to the love Christ showed on the cross, and finally, and most importantly, to the empty grave on Sunday. I know this sounds like something a youth minister ‘should’ say, but it is the truth. As a child we would hunt Easter eggs on Sunday morning and have a great time doing it, but it was never the focus of the day. It was always on Christ. My parents always made the empty tomb the focus of Easter. My family was at every Lenten service on Wednesday leading up to Holy week and I believe that it prepared me, even though I didn’t recognize it at the time, to worship and praise Christ for His sacrifice.  

The solemn service of Good Friday is one of my favorite services of the year. I’m sure that sounds a little dreadful, but realizing how much Christ suffered so that we may have eternal life is incredible. The slamming of the Bible always gives me chills and my kids have told me it does the same to them. Walking out of the service in complete silence drives home the point that Jesus actually died - for real, for us.

What a contradiction on Easter morning! Trumpets blaring, flowers every where, people dressed in bright colors, a great celebration. How awesome that is! Knowing that death is not the end, Jesus defeated it and we have life because of Him. As a kid attending Christ the King, they would host sunrise services on the front lawn. They would bring in an 18-wheeler trailer and fill it with flowers, choir members, trumpet players and it was the most awesome service. It was truly a joyful experience.  

As a father, I pray my kids are learning how special Holy week can be. If they are able to know that Christ took their sins, upon Himself, so that they might have life eternal, then I know they will be able to teach this truth to their kids.

I guess if I had to sum up ‘What does Holy Week mean to me?’ in one word, it would be LIFE.