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What do I do now that my child didn't get into the school of my choice?

One terrific option that parents need to consider is the private schools in Memphis. The pro’s of private education far outweigh the con’s.

"Money. We can’t afford a private school." Yes, you can! Christ the King offers need based scholarships. You can apply on our school website,

"Lack of diversity. There won't be any other kids like mine in your school." Yes, there will be! We have a very diverse school, ethnically and socioeconomically. We boast that our school is 64% Caucasian, 27% African American, 7% Asian and 2% other races.

"We don’t go to church there. We would be uncomfortable." At Christ the King, we teach the Bible in its truth and purity. We accept children and parents no matter where they are at in their journey of faith, just as Jesus Christ accepts each one of us as His very own children.

Give us a call at 682-8405 or explore our website to learn more about the wonderful learning opportunities offered at Christ the King.