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Mission Statement:  Equipping Children for Christian Leadership

What Did You Do In School Today?

Not to fear, all you wonderful parents! I’m here to tell you what your child really did in school today! Your child played. Yes, it’s true! Children need play in order to grow and develop. Play encourages a child’s imagination, develops social skills, and uses all their senses. Through a myriad of different school activities and learning experiences, your child played, and through that play, he learned.

When your child plays with play dough, for example, she is developing both large and small motor skills, strengthening her hand muscles for writing skills, and is using her imagination to create with endless possibilities. In the Construction/Building center, your child learns about spacial concepts as she builds, and also problem solving, as she fits blocks together to create a structure. Counting and patterning can also be involved, enhancing math skills. If your child plays in this area with other children, cooperative social skills are now involved that include sharing and problem solving.

In the Dramatic Play area, much learning and growth takes place as children play. Setting up meals with food and dishes, dressing up as a community helper, or taking care of the play baby dolls, are all ways that children imagine they are grownups with important things to care for and do. Children are amazing when they play together in this center! Language skills are built as children share and take turns. These play experiences are priceless when you realize your child has the freedom to pretend to be anything or anyone he or she can dream of!

During Art activities, your child will use all her senses, as she explores different art mediums, and textures of design materials. Being able to see, touch, and even smell different art materials helps give needed input to sensory systems that are necessary for learning and growth. You will see your child’s individual creativity shine through as well, as they make decisions about color choices and use of space. Watching a child create “the most beautiful picture in the world” for Mommy or Daddy is truly amazing!
“God saw all that He had made, and it was very good.” Genesis 1:31
God created the world and all that is in it. This includes abundant resources to allow each of His children to grow up to be everything He created them to be!

Yes, we played today, and in that play, your child grew and learned about himself, about others, and about the wonderful world God created for us.
Jeanette Keath
Teacher, Preschool 3
Christ the King Lutheran School