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Losing a Parent While Being a Young Parent

Christian. Son. Brother. Cousin. Friend. Uncle. Parent. All of these are roles that I play before even getting into the profession. Each of these roles come with their own individual responsibilities and their own individual challenges. Each of these roles and relationships need to be nurtured often times on a daily basis. As you get older, it becomes even more important to be intentional about fostering the relationships that you have with your loved ones. In 2016 God showed me that in a very intense and powerful way.

What Did You Do In School Today?

Everyday, parents pick up their children from school and ask the age-old question, “What did you do at school today?” In so many of these trips home from school, the age-old answer is still, “I played.” In my almost 24 years teaching Preschool at Christ the King Lutheran School, I have learned that parents are truly interested in their child’s education and school experiences. Parents are excited to learn and hear about what their child is doing in school, and hearing, “I played,” everyday can be disappointing and frustrating.

What is captivating your heart and your mind?

I recently had the opportunity to view “Captivated” about finding freedom in a media driven culture with my 7th & 8th grade theology students. It really got me thinking about how everywhere we go, we are surrounded by screens. We are constantly bombarded by something to watch, listen to, or look at. Is this bringing us closer to God or is it more like our world is The Tower of Babel?

500 Years Ago This Month Began the Reformation

Memphis doesn’t hear from us Lutherans very often, but a pretty big deal is happening this month to which I’d like to remind or inform you. Lutherans believe that God’s greatest gift to mankind is His Holy Word…the Bible.

Flooded with Love

When Hurricane Harvey dumped 50 inches of rain on our Houston suburb of Katy, everything I had secretly feared happened...

Sleep Needed!

The Internet is full of articles by physicians, educators, psychologists, etc. on teens and sleep deprivation. Preteens and teens need more sleep than many are getting. This is Tip #4 from “Ten Ways to Help Your Child Succeed in Middle School.”

My Child Won't Do His Homework -- Help!

Q. My middle school son won’t do his homework. He tells me it’s complete, and I find out later it wasn’t. I try to keep up with it on the teachers’ websites, but he always tells me he finished it in class. Later, I find out he just didn’t do it. What can I do to make him do his homework?

Making Homework Fun

Homework doesn't always have to be a "chore". Make homework fun and reward your child when they are finished! All of these ideas can be modified to your child's specific age.
-Ms. Theil

We Need Your Pictures

Parents can use this link to upload pictures directly to the Yearbook Staff for use in the yearbook. We need friend pictures, sports pictures, classroom pictures, and pictures of CTK students participating in activities outside of CTK.

Access code -- kingsmen.
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