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Mission Statement:  Equipping Children for Christian Leadership

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Christ the King Lutheran School relies on the support of the entire CTK community to maintain a prestigious and valuable learning experience for its students. Parents play a crucial role in helping the school maintain its core values of inspiring students to be Christian leaders. One such parent who kindly shared their experience with us is Ryan Rogalski.
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Kara is the first of our Staff Spotlight series, where we celebrate the amazing contributions our Christ the King Lutheran School staff members make to our children and our community.
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Reformation Rock

Written by Michael Bridges and performed by Lost & Found, the song covers topics such as how Luther’s beliefs differed from the Catholic Church’s, the influential people and notable events that marked the Reformation, and the role Gutenberg’s printing press played in spreading Luther’s teachings across Europe.
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Val-o-Grams for Sale

Don't forget to support the 7/8th grade trip to Washington, DC by purchasing a Val-o-Gram for your friend, teacher, child, coach, parent, or Pastor! Just $5 each!
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Walking the Way of St. James

During a luncheon with “the girls,” a long time friend of mine announced that she was going to walk “the Way” or the El Camino road in Spain. Years ago I heard about the El Camino and wanted to go. I
always felt that it was an impossible pipe dream so I shelved it in the back of my mind. But now years later, a voice was tugging on my heart and calling me to go.
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