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Academic Fair

Students in grades Kindergarten through 8th participate in our spring Academic Fair to showcase their knowledge. For the 2023-2024 Academic Fair, each grade level chose a specific content area on which to focus. 
Kindergarten: Kindergarteners were inspired by the book "Not a Stick" by Antoinette Portis to use their creativity to disguise a stick as another object. 
1st Grade: Students in first grade used their knowledge of timelines to construct one of their life. In addition, first graders took their learning to the next level and built a volcano as a class.
2nd Grade: Second graders used their knowledge of rural, urban, and suburban areas to research and construct dioramas. 
3rd Grade: Each year, the third grade class dives into learning about the states of our great nation. Students in the third grade researched a state of their choice and displayed their findings. 
4th Grade: Students in fourth grade learned about different ecosystems of Earth. Students constructed dioramas and wrote a report on an ecosystem of their choice. 
5th Grade: For the fifth grade year, students learn about the foundation and history of the United States. To bring that history to life, students in the fifth grade researched and wrote reports on integral figures from our nation's history then presented them at their "living museum." 
6th Grade: Students in sixth grade used their knowledge of both potential and kinetic energy to construct catapults. Split into groups, students built two catapults to compare distance, accuracy, power, and the ability to knock over an object.
7th and 8th Grade: Students in seventh and eighth grade researched ways in which humans could construct and thrive in a lunar colony. Students conducted their research with consideration of basic physical needs like oxygen, food, and water, to social needs like government, entertainment, and human connection. After research, students sketched and designed a lunar colony that would boast a thriving settlement that would promote health and happiness. Students then constructed a lunar colony prototype out of recycled materials.