Middle School » STEM


Along with our Science curriculum, students in middle school have the opportunity to deepen their understanding of science and math with STEM projects. One day per week is dedicated to STEM activities that will allow students to bridge their learning from the text to real-world scenarios. These projects allow for a deeper level of thinking and for students to grow in their communication and leadership skills while working with others. 
Past projects include:
  • Designing and constructing a volcano shelter to protect from volcanic ash and lava
  • Designing and constructing a bridge that will hold a specific amount of weight
  • Designing and constructing a zip line carrier to deliver goods
  • Designing and constructing a roller coaster 
  • Designing and constructing a solar oven to cook s'mores
  • Designing and constructing catapults to compare accuracy, power, and distance
  • Designing and constructing a haunted house using circuits and LED lights
  • Designing and constructing a building to withstand a simulated earthquake
  • Researching, designing, and constructing a prototype for a lunar colony
  • Researching, designing, and constructing a prototype for a Mars colony
  • Passion Projects – learning a skill within 20 hours
    • Some passion projects have included learning a foreign language, learning to play the guitar, learning to play the saxophone, learning to animate, creating a board game, learning to garden, learning to breakdance, learning to edit videos