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Workshop CoffeeStop

At Christ the King, our goal is to help mold students for Christian leadership. Part of leading is being able to communicate effectively and efficiently. Learning to communicate through writing is vital for success in and beyond the school setting. To help set our students up for success, writing workshop classes are an integral part of our curriculum in middle school. Students in 6th-8th grade have writing workshop classes twice a week. The beginning of each workshop class starts with a mini lesson over a writing technique or grammar skill to be utilized in students' writing. The remainder of the workshop time is allocated for student use to conduct their writing. Students' writing includes but is not limited to fiction short stories, nonfiction short stories, graphic novels, and poetry (free verse, rhyming, blackout). 
At the end of each trimester, students will publish their work in our Middle School CoffeeStop. Parents and families are invited to each CoffeeStop to read and listen to portions of student writing. 
Click the link below to head to our CTK Middle School Writing Workshop Portfolio, "Kingsmen's Chronicles," to read published student work from current and past school years.